6 Simple Ways To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error TS-02 Quickly

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Effective Remedy To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02 Quickly

The expectations of printer users is increasing with the gradual technological advancements. Wireless printing is the new buzz nowadays. There’re innumerable advantages of wireless printing that is why most users whether for their private or commercial uses prefer using wireless printers. Multiple computer connectivity, remote printing, quick and high-end printouts, etc. are some of the top advantages of wireless printers.

A few new printers manufactured by Brother Printer are equipped with the wireless technology, but in the few past years many users are facing connectivity issues and keep asking the same question “How to Fix brother printer error TS-02 ?”

What are the causes for Error TS-02?

  • The basic cause behind the error is when the WLAN access point/router fails to connect the MAC address of the Brother Printer.
  • Corruption of system files
  • Damaging of Windows system files
  • Uninstallation and partial installation of the printer
  • If any hardware is wrongly deleted from the system or partially deleted from the system.

Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error TS-02

Step 1

  • Check the connection of the printer with the WLAN access point/router

Step 2

  • After that, connect the internet. Now use a computer with a built-in wireless system of LAN. It can confirm the WLAN access point/router is working suitably.
  • You must have uninterrupted internet connectivity guaranteeing high-speed.
  • Without a suitable internet connectivity, you can never establish the WLAN access point/router for printing wirelessly and even to resolve Brother Printer Error TS-02.

Step 3

  • While configuring a wireless setting, you can bring the printer close to the WLAN access point.
  • Confirm that there is no such blockage in the place so that the connection can be established without any interruption or intrusion.
  • Temporarily keep the Brother printer within 3.3 feet from the WLAN access point.

Step 4

  • Is the WLAN access point/router using the MAC address filtering? Then, examine whether the MAC address in the printer is allowed or not.
  • You can readily get the MAC address from the Network Configuration List.

Step 5

  • Being a Brother Printer user, this might be in your memory that the printer uses radio signals at 2.4 GHz.
  • The TS-02 error is frequently seen when the system is using nearly 5GHz
  • Open the Control Panel and visit the Setup Wizard of your printer and mention the standard radio signals there so that you can experience uninterrupted printing form your Brother Printer.

Step 6

  • Reconfirmation of the SSID is an effective method to get rid of this issue.
  • Often the manually provided security information and SSID is wrongly stored for which the interruption caused by the TS-02.
  • Re-enter the suitable SSID information.
  • Now, reboot the Brother Printer.
  • You can also switch OFF the printer and reboot the computer and all the devices at a time to check whether the issue persists.
  • If the error code still persists, you need to contact a technician without any further delay.

Consult Brother Experts at Uspcsolutions For Further Assistance:

In case if after applying above steps brother printer error TS-02 still persists, then don’t lose hope at all. Consult Brother professionals available at Uspcsolutions for best guidance. Experts available at our site are brother certified & knowledgeable enough to assist you in best way possible.


Q) How to reset my Brother printer?

A) Click Menu from the printer control panel. Using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose Initial Setup and then press OK. With the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose Reset and then press OK. Using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose the reset function of your preference and then press OK.

Q) Why is Epson printer in error state?

A) There may be an issue with your printer’s software or its installation. Your Epson printer may have a hardware trouble. … An unsuitable power supply to your printer can leave it in an error state. Not only outdated but a corrupt printer driver can also consequence in an error state and cause other damages as well.



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