Remove Canon Printer Error Code U052 Very Easily

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Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052 in a Moment.

Canon is a world-popular brand which is recognize for its outstanding products. Canon printer is one of those. However, at the time of a printing session, if you receive the Canon Printer Error Code U052 on the Control Panel screen and wish to know the details regarding the error, then you can proceed further to this blog. After going through this blog, you will be able to troubleshoot the matter that results in the error U052. Thus, it is recommended to follow the instructions of this blog until the end.

The entire error message on the Control Panel screen will be like “U052. The type of print head is wrong. Install the right print head”. If you are stuck with the similar error code, then you might be eager to know the reasons behind it as well as the solutions regarding that. If this is the situation, then hopefully go through this blog. It will benefit you completely in fixing the matter as all the other users get.

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Error Code U052

After doing research work on the error code U052,  below are the only results sorted by the professionals which are causing this glitch.

  • Unsuitable installation of the printer head.
  • Dust collection on the print head body.
  • No availability of print head on the Canon printer.

No matter whatever be the reason, but according to the expert’s experience, after trying the below process, you will get the problem resolved. Thus, try out the processes explained below.

Prominent Solutions To Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

There is just a single method to resolve the Canon printer error code U052 connected problems, but you need to identify the reason beforehand. You will get the complete information to detect the reasons from the below lines, thus don’t bother and proceed further.

Solve Error Code U052 if the Print head is Installed Wrongly

Wrong installation of the print head component on the printer leads to the error code U052 in Canon Printer. If this is the cause, then to fix this matter, you need to follow the underneath steps. Be patient while following the steps so that no harm can occur to the printer device.

  1. Initially,  open the top lid of the printer while the printer is in on condition. When you open the top lid of the printer, the cartridges slot will move to the middle front and you can access them without difficulty.
  2. Now, unplug the printer from the Power outlet.
  3. Subsequently, from the cartridges slot, remove the entire ink cartridges very carefully.
  4. Then, wipe the print head with a soft cloth to remove the foreign particles on it.
  5. Also, reinstall the print head and the ink cartridges suitably on the printer.
  6. Now, plug back the printer into the power outlet.
  7. Finally, try to print a document using the Canon printer to confirm if the issue gets resolved.

If you are facing any trouble installing the print-head and the ink cartridges to the printer’s body, then you can take the assistance of the manual that comes with the printer device to learn the suitable method.

Fix Error Code U052 if No Print head is Installed

In case, if you are receiving the error U052, while you continue to print a document, then possibly the print head is not installed on the printer device. If this is the circumstance, then to fix the error, you need to install the print head on the printer. Also, the steps to do this job are explained underneath. Thus, check it out.

  1. In the switched-off condition of the printer device, you require to open the top lid. Now, as a default, you will find that the cartridge slot is available in the middle front of the printer.
  2. Now, cautiouslly install the print head into the sliding rail. The sliding rail section is available just beside the cartridges slot.
  3. Once you have performed the above steps. Then, confirm that the ink cartridges are installed in the right way.
  4. Then, close the lids of the printer.
  5. Subsequently, plug in the Canon printer with the power outlet, and then activate the current flow.
  6. Finally, turn on the printer and run a printing procedure to check if the error code U052 gets resolved.

All these are the complete steps to fix Canon printer error code U052 efficiently. If you are facing any trouble which trying the steps, then you can send your query to us via the comment section provided below.


Q) What does check cartridge U052 signify?

A)The error ‘U052’ refers to the print head which holds your cartons.It signifies  that the printer head may not be sitting fully.

Q) How to fix my Canon U051 error?

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