Troubleshoot Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Efficiently

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Complete Guide To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Canon printer printing blank pages is one of the most common issues reported by lots of Canon printer users recently. However, there is nothing to worry as this guide contains different solutions which you can implement to troubleshoot Canon printer printing black pages issue. Firstly, we will discuss common reasons which lead to this issue and in the later half, we will discuss the solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Breather Tape:

The tape must be taken off instantly as it creates an obstruction and does not let the ink come out on the paper, that further results in the printing of blank pages.

Installation of a New Cartridge:

It is significant for you to change an old cartridge with the new one before the old one dries up or gets empty. You should change the cartridges instantly at the moment when you notice the low ink signs appearing on the screen.

If you ignore the signs, then that may let the air to enter the printer, that can also cause blockages in your printing device. Hence, it results in the trouble of Canon printer printing blank pages.

Use of Local Ink Cartridges:

If you are using local or third-party ink cartridges, then the use of such cartridges can cause the issue of nozzles getting blocked. Hence, you should guarantee that you are using original ink cartridges issues by Canon in your printer.

How to Prevent Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

In order to prevent the trouble of Canon printer printing blank pages, these are some of the things which you can do.

  • Use your printer regularly so that the ink does not get clogged and ink keeps on flowing suitably.
  • Use real ink cartridges instead of third party ink cartridges. Also, confirm that the ink is not clogged.
  • In addition, you should guarantee that the printer is kept in a cool and dry place. If you do this, then the ink will not get solidified or coagulated.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

Perform the steps provided below in order to resolve the issue of Canon printer printing blank pages.

Step 1: Visit the Windows Desktop screen and open the control panel and then move to the option of Devices and Printers.

Step 2: Open your printer’s name and right-click on it and then choose properties.

Step 3: Then, in the section of printer properties, open the option of Device Settings and then select preferences.

Step 4: Under the option of preferences, select the option of the print head.

Step 5: Subsequently, click on the option of services and clean the print head.

Step 6: Use this option a number of times till the print head is completely cleaned.

Step 7: Now, go to the Maintenance tab and select the option of Nozzle check and deep cleaning.

Step 8: When all the steps are implemented, then run a test print at the end to check that the printer is not printing blank pages.

Other Solutions to Fix the Issue of Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

There are various methods which you can try out to resolve the issue of Canon printer printing blank pages. Take a glance down below to remove the issue that is not letting you finish your printing task.

Unclog the print heads, this issue can arise if you haven’t been using your Canon printer for a long time. This can lead to the issue of Canon printer printing blank pages. Thus, it is significant for you to see if there are any blocked ports in the cartridge and if there are, then it requires to get cleaned.

There is a chance that a printer software installed helps you to install the printer cartridges. You can remove the cartridges and then reinstall them if you find that the software is not good enough.

This issue can also arise if the printer drivers are outdated. If the driver is outdated or obsolete, then the print command will not function. It is recommended not to take a risk in such a case. In order to resolve this issue, you should take help from the Canon team. One may end up damaging the printer if experts assistance is not taken.

Consult Canon Experts at Uspcsolutions:

Last, but not least simply consult Uspcsolutions experts so as to get best guidance to overcome this issue. Consult us at anytime whenever need, we are available 24*7, 365 days for your convenience.




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