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HP is one of the biggest sellers of the laptop in the market currently. It is quite popular for making top quality laptops and computers for a long time. Although having several useful functions and features, HP devices do produce technical issues. Recently HP laptop error code 601 has become the very common and annoying issue for the people. This error signifies an internal battery issue. But there are several ways to resolve the problem.

Reasons behind HP Laptop Error Code 601

Misconfiguration of system files in your Windows Operating System can lead to the HP laptop error code 601. If there are any damages in the Windows system files, then it can be a real danger to your laptop. Such as partial installation or uninstallation, wrong deletion of software or other applications, etc.

Another case where you may have to confront such error code is if your laptop is recovered from any virus or spyware attack. In fact, if you have shut down your system in an improper way, then it will create problems with system files resulting in error 601.

HP Error Code 601 | Best Solutions

In this section, you can find best solutions to help you to get rid of the HP laptop error code 601 issue. Thus, it’s time for us to go ahead and have a look at some useful solutions:

Solution 1: Re-insert Battery

The easiest way to troubleshoot the HP error code issue is by removing the battery and insert it again in the laptop. To do this,

  • Initially, switch off your laptop and unplug the Power Cord from it. Now remove the battery.
  • When detached, click and hold down the power switch for 25 seconds or more.
  • Now re-insert the battery in the laptop and again connect the power supply.
  • Finally, you can turn on your laptop and check the result.

Solution 2: Examine The Battery

You can run the battery test using System diagnostics offered by HP users to track battery performance. Follow the steps to check the battery:

  • Close your HP laptop.
  • Then, turn on the laptop and hit the ‘esc’ key to open the ‘Startup Menu’.
  • When the ‘Startup Menu’ arises, press the ‘F2’ key to open the ‘Battery Test’ option.
  • Subsequently, go through the commands to finish the battery test process effectively.

Solution 3: Run Your Laptop Without A Battery

If the earlier methods don’t fix the HP error code 601, then you can try out this solution. Attempt to run your laptop without connecting the battery. To do that,

  • Initially, turn off your laptop, separate the power cable and remove the battery.
  • After removing the battery, you require to press and hold the On/Off button for minimum 20 seconds.
  • Now reconnect the power cable after the provided time is over.
  • Ultimately, start your laptop to check whether the error is available or not.

We wish that after going through above steps you would have resolved HP Error Code 601. In case of issue still persists, then don’t loose hope. Simply consult experts available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best resolution.

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