Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203 Quickly

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Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error Code 1203 in Hassle-Free Way

Lexmark printer is recognize for the best services. It is very easy to use for everyone. Through the help of this device, you can print multiple documents in one click. But occasionally users confront some common errors while they print their documents. Lexmark printer error code 1203 is a very common error code which arises because of many reasons.

If you are suffering from this type of error, then you don’t need to bother. The professionals are always here to help. They will provide you one of the best solutions without any trouble. The experts know very well how to fix Lexmark error code 1203, thus you don’t need to take tension. They are available around the clock for your assistance. Before applying the solutions, you need to know the reasons of this error. Some of the reasons of this error are mentioned in this post.

Reasons behind Lexmark printer error 1203

There are numerous reasons for the error in your printing device. Before resolving this error, you need to know the reasons behind it. The reasons of error 1203, is given below:

  • The printer can be an issue with the control panel.
  • Trouble with cartridge can lead to the same error.
  • Another possible cause for the same issue along with the fault with the operator panel.
  • The partial installation phase of the cartridges give rise to this error.
  • The error arises because of debris and dirt on the printer head.

Steps to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error 1203

  • To resolve the code 1203, you will need to switch on your printing device.
  • Then, pull the control panel towards yourself and continue for the cartridge door.
  • Subsequently, you need to open the cartridge access door and then let the cartridge carrier move.
  • When it stops at the loading position, you require to pull the old cartridge towards yourself.
  • Shut the access door when the cartridges are out of the printing device.
  • Now shut the control panel and switch off the printing device.
  • Switch on the printer again and glance for the error at the operator panel.
  • If the message appears again, there is something wrong with the printer hardware.
  • If the error message displays, the cartridge is missing; you need to proceed further to resolve the flaw.
  • Remove the Cartridges inside the printing device.
  • Now you require to place the color cartridges and insert the black cartridges.
  • Push the cartridges back in the real places until they got tightly placed.
  • Switch the cartridge access door followed by shutting the control panel
  • If the error is available, change the position of the cartridge to check which one is causing the issue.
  • Remove the damaged cartridges to resolve this issue.

To fix this error, you can also apply the above-given solutions which will help to troubleshoot this type of issue. If the above solutions fail to fix this issue, so don’t take any tension. Consult experts for best resolutions.

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In case after going through above steps, Lexmark printer error code1203 still persists, then don’t lose hope at all. Consult Lexmark experts available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to eradicate error code easily of your own. We work with the aim of customer satisfaction, thus we provide best support from our side at very reasonable rate.


Q) How to clear error messages on my Lexmark printer?

A) To clear the message, turn off the printer, reinstall the paper tray, and turn the printer on. If the error message persists, call for service.

Q) How to fix my Lexmark printer issue?

A) Remove plug of your Lexmark printer and disconnect the interface cable. Open the Lexmark printer to guarantee no paper is caught within the device. Leave the printer powered down for a minimum of 30 seconds before reconnecting it. Send a print job to the Lexmark to check if the problem is resolved.



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