Troubleshoot McAfee Error 1404 in an Effective Way

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McAfee is the best antivirus that helps you to remove malware and Trojans. Thus, people can trust their services and depend on them. But occasionally errors can disturb the user’s mind. Well in this blog you get to know more about McAfee Error 1404 and some of the ways to resolve this issue.

Reasons of McAfee error 1404

  1. The active program window crashes each time Error 1404 displays.
  2. Your PC much of the time crashes with an alike Error 1404 when trying to run a similar program.
  3. Windows delays to any action and runs sluggishly or restarts all over again.
  4. The Computer System often “freezes”. Thus, this will lead you to stop doing any work on your PC.
  5. Ongoing Installation or uninstallation of any McAfee Antivirus connected program or documents may have corrupted the Windows files.
  6. Windows System records or McAfee Antivirus connected program documents have been influenced by any Virus or malware attacks. Although, you will not download any of the other programs.

After knowing some of the reasons behind McAfee error 1404, it is significant to know some of the solutions to get rid of it. Well in this blog you get to know some of the solutions that help you to solve the issues.

Solutions to resolve the McAfee error 1404:

Solution 1: Uninstall and reinstall the antivirus

It is the primary steps to follow in case you are facing the issues in McAfee. By uninstalling, the corrupted files will be eradicated, and then it will not annoy the functioning of McAfee. It is significant to reinstall it so that you can enjoy the new features. While installing the current version of McAfee antivirus, there will be new features added.

Method 2: Perform the clean installation of windows

To prevent data loss, you must be certain that you have saved up your significant documents, pictures, programming installers, and other individual information before starting the cycle. If you are not at present support up your information.  At that point download a backup solution to protect yourself from data loss.

This progression is your last preference in trying to decide your McAfee Error 1404 issue. Reinstalling Windows will delete everything from your hard drive, allowing you to start again with a new framework. Besides, a clean introduction of Windows will similarly rapidly wipe out all “junk”


We hope that through this blog you get to know some of the ways that will help you to fix the issues of McAfee error 1404. The issue can be resolved by updating the program drivers; you require to keep that updated. By using the updated drivers helps the programs work perfectly. We hope that this blog helps you to know more about the error 1404. In case of any issue, don’t hesitate to consult experts available at Uspcsolutions for assistance.

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